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FAQ's For Art Sellers

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Your frequently-asked questions

Could I sell on Creu

Creu is the home of quality art and crafts. It is  an online gallery for the best in contemporary works.

We're proud of our artists and the community we've created.

We know we need to maintain the best standards, so we review all pieces during the creation of new accounts.

Create an account, upload two or three images and details for a work, and we'll review it. We usually come back to new artists within 24 hours.

If you're successful in becoming one of our artists, we'll email you. 

What are the benefits of being part of Creu's community?

  • An excellent, free online platform for your work.
  • Your own online gallery space and shop showcasing up to 25 works.
  • The flexibility to sell prints created from original pieces as well as original work.
  • Our promotion we use SEO techniques, email and traditional marketing, social media marketing, and we curate online exhibitions.
  • You can link your store to your connections on social media perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+!
  • Sales with a modest rate of commission  a flat rate of 35%.


Could I put my things on hold when I go on holiday?

Yes! We make it easy. Mark your account unavailable when you go away and reactivate it when you come back. 

If I want to cancel, can I do that?

Yes, whenever you decide to. Just email us. We impose no fees for cancellation.

Can I show my work in other places?

Yes, of course. However, if you sell a piece independently elsewhere, you must mark it sold or remove it from your gallery immediately.

You cannot offer a particular work elsewhere at a cheaper price than you display on Creu.


What do you need me to do

We need you to:

  • Upload high quality images of your works in jpeg files or png files. Images must be a minimum of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, in focus, and they must show accurate colours.
  • Exhibit only your best work.
  • Display all the information customers need about you and your work.
  • Be committed to excellence in customer service responding promptly and professionally to all enquiries.
  • Keep your gallery up-to-date only show pieces which are still available.
  • Send out your pieces within five working days following sales. The only exception is when a work is specially-commissioned or being adjusted to a buyers specifications.
  • Package your works properly. See our guidance.
  • Put your account into Holiday Mode when you are away.


Could I sell prints?

Yes, excellent quality open edition and limited edition prints of your original artworks are fine.

Open and limited edition prints - what's the difference?

Open edition an unlimited number of prints made from an original.

Limited edition an edition with a set number of prints. They're more valuable because they are numbered separately and the artist has signed them.

What prices should I place on my works?

That's up to you. When you set your prices. However, you should:

  • Check out what other artists are charging.
  • Factor in the cost of materials, framing, shipping, and packaging.
  • Don't price too cheaply you will find it harder to increase prices as time goes on because you have set the bar too low for your art.
  • Include VAT in the sale price if you're VAT-registered.  Remember you're liable for paying taxes like VAT from your sales.

What should I do when I make a sale?

Send the buyer your work within five days to ensure the best customer service and great feedback.

Ensure it is packaged carefully. Don't forget it's your responsibility until the buyer has it safely in their hands.

Advise us immediately if sending a work out is delayed in any way.

All artworks should have a tracking number for shipping.Email us so we can notify your buyer. Keep us in the loop.

Buying art or crafts should be a joyous experience so customer care is paramount. "A happy audience is an informed audience".

Ensure original pieces are signed for upon delivery.

How should I deal with delivery charges?

Your price should include the costs of packaging and delivery, so ensure you know what those costs will be.

Ask courier companies and the postal service for advice.

Should I have insurance?

Yes, we recommend that you do have insurance for shipping an original work.

If I send overseas, what do I need?

An airway bill - a mailing label. Fold it as you're directed and put it inside an envelope with a clear window.

Two copies of a commercial invoice for each work. Print, sign, and date them and put them in your envelope marked Commercial Invoices. Attach this securely to the outside of your package.

An artwork declaration which is completed and signed. Put it in the envelope with your commercial invoices.


What is a length and girth formula?

It's used to find the ratio employed by couriers to set their charges for shipping.

Some have restrictions on the maximum for each parcel check with your courier for each artwork.

Measure the outside of your parcel. The longest dimension is the length (L), the others are width (W) and height (H).

This is the formula: Length and girth = L + (Wx2) + (Hx2).

So, a parcel with a length of 500 cms, width of 300 cms, and height of 200 cms, would have a girth weight of 1500 cms. 

Sounds complicated? Many couriers have an easy calculator on their websites.


What does the 14-day, no quibble, money-back guarantee mean?

Our customers can return a work within those 14 days for any reason they like. This excludes photography, special commissions requested by the buyer, specially-altered work requested by the buyer, swapped artwork, works offered under special offers or deals, or works delivered outside the UK.

We require:

  • The buyer to return the work to you within 14 days after they have received it from you. It must be in its original condition.
  • The purchaser must pay for its delivery back to you.
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the item is safely returned to you using a reputable delivery service and a track and trace system.
  • Creu coordinates your work's return, but Creu is not liable for undelivered or damaged returns.

Could an order be cancelled if I contacted you before dispatch?

Yes, as long as this happens before dispatch.


  • If the work has already been delivered, the buyer has to pay for its safe return to you.
  • Buyers cannot cancel swapped artwork, commissions, special orders, or works which have been altered at their request.
  • Creu is not liable in any way for undelivered or damaged works.

Refer to the returns policy for more information.

What happens if my work is damaged during delivery?

The buyer has to contact within 24 hours of them receiving it.

We will contact you about sending it back to you.

When you have it back, we will refund the complete cost of your work to the buyer along with the cost of shipping.

Please note that inadequately-packaged works will not be covered by insurance.


"Creu. the creative way to buy and sell art"